Limits maximum heat and minimum cool temperature setting. Limits are customizable. For example, the maximum heat can be set to 68°, 70° or a temperature of your choosing.
Full or Partial screen lock. Prevents changing of the programmable schedule while allowing temporary temperature changes.
7 Day programmable schedule: Automatically resets the temp once or multiple times a day.

Tamper Warning labels.

Free factory programming of your custom settings and schedule.
Works with most HVAC systems including boilers, furnaces, heat pumps (Single and multi stage).
Easy to read touchscreen.
Automatic changeover between heat and cool.
Service reminders (Filters, etc).
Battery Backup - Operates during power failures.
No Reset Button
New Security feature - Making the thermostat more secure than ever before.
Improved locking function - Allows you prevent the system from being turned off in addition to locking or limiting the temperature control.
Better schedule control - Better control how and when the thermostat changes temperature. Change temperature multiple times a day or once a week or not at all.
Supply Voltage: Battery powered (2 AA) or 24V with battery backup.
Setpoint Range: 41°-99°
Accuracy: +/- 1° F
Mode Setting: Heat, Cool, Off, Auto and Emer
Thermostat Output: Rc Rh O/B G Y1 Y2 W1 W2 Aux E L
Backlight: 15 Seconds, Green Light
Dimensions: 6 x 4.5 x 2in (W x H x D)
Weight: 1.5lb

Industry Studies show that you can: -
  • Reduce your heating cost by 3%-5% for every degree you lower your thermostat in the winter.
  • Reduce your cooling cost by 6%-8% for every degree you raise your thermostat in summer.
  • Adding a 7 Day programmable schedule feature can also reduce your utility cost by an additional 10%.
Many utilities offer customers rebates for installing programmable thermostats. Unlike many other thermostats, our thermostats qualify for most rebate programs.

Click here to see if your utility is offering rebates for programmable thermostats.