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We are looking for a select group of Vacation Rental homeowners Save Energy and Save Money. We have created a new "Green" Affiliate program where we will partner with forward thinking rental managers to share our ideas and products on how to save energy with their homeowners.
About the program:
The program is free to join.

Once you join, we will create special web link that you can share with your homeowners and link to from your site.

We will also provide you with access to our special report, "12 Ways to Save 25% or More on your Vacation Home UtilityBills". Click here to view report.

We will also publish additional energy and money savings tips 2 to 3 times a year.

You can choose whether you want to create a special discount program for your customers. In this program we will create a special coupon code just for your homeowners to be used at checkout

Or, we can pay you a sales commission for every sale that you refer to us through your special web link.

Finally, you can offer installation services for our thermostats. Many homeowners want their property manager to handle the installation. This is a great additional revenue opportunity for you
Benefits of our Program:


* Significant reduction in their monthly utility bill

* Predictability in their monthly utility bill - Limit the surprises

* Balance for guests with the ability to still make slight temperature adjusts

* Significant reduction in the homeowners carbon footprint

Vacation Rental Managers:

* Improved homeowner relationships

* Additional revenue opportunities - affiliate commissions and service opportunities

* Improved company brand and image. Be viewed as a "Green" Leader

* Drive a significant reduction in your collective homeowners carbon footprint

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