Warm up your Valentine (and save money too)!

February 2019

This Valentine's Day, keep your special someone warm and cozy with some easy energy savings tips to keep your home warm.
 Use your curtains - Open them during the day to let the natural free sunlight to stream into the room to warm it up. Close them at night to keep out the cold chill!
 Move your sofa - Don't block your radiator or heating vents with your furniture! The furniture will absorb the heat and it won't radiate throughout your home.
 Snuggle up on the rug - Insulate your floors with warm rugs or carpets
 so that the cold doesn't radiate up from your floor. A warm bearskin rug is a great solution for floor insulation!
 Open the stove - After baking your loved one a special treat, leave the oven door ajar to let your home get all that wonderful heat and delicious smells!
 Wrap up in a blanket - Keep your blankets handy and use them. When sitting for periods of time, our circulations slows down, so throw that blanket around you!
 Use shower steam - If possible, leave the door open when you shower. This allows all the hot steam to travel through the house and also helps cut down on dry winter air!

Have a warm and happy Valentine's Day!