"Excellent product. Tenants hate it and landlords love it. If you want to save $$$ on your electric bill, you need one of these."

From OG

"Thanks for all you have done for us in the last few months. It is a pleasure working with you. ControlTemp could not have a better representative handling their customers!"

From Mitch P

"Great for Multi Family Apartments. Stop abuse by tenants on HVAC equipment! I wish it was easier for the tenants because they get confused with the multi day/weekend display. But once past that point I love it. It can potentially cut our utility bills with as much as 10/20 percent or more in some cases! On a average bill of $10,000 a month @ 124 units, that is significant savings!"

From Magnus

"I bought my thermostat in the end of summer. I was tired of my kids adjusting the temperature way up and way down. This has been a very cold winter, colder than last winter, but my gas bills have dropped from the $250 a month range of the last two winters to $130-$150 a month. This is primarily because my kids can't bump the thermostat up anymore. Thank you so much! And thanks for spending time on the phone with me, teaching me how to program and maintain my own system. It is very empowering! And I am NEVER telling the kids the code!"

From Jan B

"I bought one for my home and I couldn't be happier with the results. Fighting over the Thermostat is a NON-ISSUE, and as the bill payer, I thank you VERY much. Smiling in Ohio"

From Chris V

"I wanted to take a moment to say what a great product you have and also to express my gratitude for spending such a great deal of time on the phone with me. Your programmable thermostat is a most amazing product—extremely thorough, easy to use and exceptionally well engineered—absolute quality. I would recommend to anyone as a safe, most reliable way to control cooling and heating temperature. 

Thank you once again."

From John C